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Ireneo Jr. Diaz

"My passion is share knowledge of the truth to destroy ignorance." jrdiaz

Ireneo Jr. Diaz - In Pursuit of Purpose by Myles Munroe Best-selling author Myles Munroe reveals in this book the key
2017-04-09 18:43:52
Ireneo Jr. Diaz - "The best way to learn is to learn from the best."
2013-07-25 22:51:13
Ireneo Jr. Diaz - Everything you know is not all there is to know.
2013-07-24 05:50:23
Ireneo Jr. Diaz - Destroy ignorance by reading books!
2013-07-24 05:45:40
Ireneo Jr. Diaz - My passion is to share knowledge to destroy ignorance.
2013-07-24 03:15:04