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Klara Klara

Offered gorgeous massage. Your body will happily melt into my loving arms! Where you can enjoy peace and quiet, a break from the city noise. There are all conditions for relaxation and recuperation. Melodic ethnic music, cozy interiors, fragrances oriental spices and welcoming atmosphere will help plunge into the magical world of harmony, peace and enjoyment.

We are pleased to offer you a variety of massage techniques:
1. Overall body.
2. Swedish 4 hands.
3. Relaxing.
4. The Royal 4 hands.
5. Back and neck - neck area.
6. Sports Massage
7. Stone - therapy.
8. Urological.
9. Stress modeling.
10. Acupressure.

Steam treatments: hover and peeling, leaving in the sauna and steam bath.
Accepted at home and on the road, around the clock. Without sex.

Klara Klara - massage
2014-07-05 04:28:49