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Orbit Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning with Steam Utilizing high Vacuum extraction for faster Drying. Tile and Grout in Bathrooms, kitchen. Waterproofing Seal to Keep the dirt out! Disinfect with 230 degree steam.Water boils at 212 degrees. This superheated water is a safe disinfectant and sterilizer for Granite Countertops, Grout,Tile and Carpet.  Let us rid your carpet and house of uninvited unwanted guests that can multiply by the thousands. 

Give us a Call... you will be glad you did!    


Air Purification systems Green Solutions for enviornmental safety. 

Powerful Water Extraction for flooding. Carpet repair: Burns, Stains. Odor Control. Scent Blocking.

Orbit Carpet Cleaning - We spend a third of our lives laying on a mattress...why not steam and disinfect for sweet dreams!
2010-04-21 09:55:24