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London Business Training & Con

London Business Training & Consulting

Business and management training and consulting service provider.

LBTC is the UK’s premier business and management training and consulting service provider. We cater to both individuals and organizational clients. Our services are delivered by practising business and management consultants who possess extensive multi-sector and global knowledge and experience.

LBTC’s services include:

1)   Open courses: a portfolio of 500 short courses (1-day to 2-weeks) with scheduled dates.


2)   Bespoke training: whereby customised courses are designed and delivered specific to the clients’ unique requirements.


business marketing courses, management accounting courses, cost and management accounting course, media courses, recruitment workshop, human resource management courses

Contact Us:

Seven Pancras Square, 7 King’s Boulevard, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG, United Kingdom

Mail - [email protected]

Phone No. +44 208 5600 312