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Louise Hudson an emerging apps portal 

After the successful established of first developed Apps Marketplace from Norway in co-operation with  the development studio from East Asia by team of Mobile Publishers & Developers is now capturing market share rapidly by bringing new & irresistible features for its users. 

It’s our mission to empower the global mobile developer community by providing them tools to sell their source codes, develop a reputation, innovate and create new games

AppnGameReskin is the one stop online portal for everyone to launch dreaming app and game.  It also allows anyone to install his own app and game template without any development skill and design. The marketplace strives to enrich and push the developer community to innovative by offering large variety options to get new income as a mobile developer.

 There is dozen of the app and games have been made by AppnGameReskin template and published on the app stores. AppnGameReskin allowing everyone to make his and her own app portfolio in short span of the time.