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Lance Jefferson

SNH Disposal provides the finest in efficient and affordable curbside waste disposal and recycling services for homeowners and businesses throughout the New England area.


Our love for the environment is reflected in our strong company commitment to "green" solutions such as "trash-to-energy" recycling which helps to:


1. Eliminate the need for landfills.

2. Generate electricity from recycled waste.

3. Avoid the burning of polluting fossil fuels.

4. Help protect our small blue planet for generations to come.


We also provide fast and convenient dumpster and rolloff rentals, special pickups and demolition for both residential and commercial accounts throughout the New England area. 


Our friendly and courteous staff will be pleased to answer your questions and work with you to satisfy your trash recycling and disposal needs as well as your budget.


Give us a call at (603) 821-0146 for your FREE quote today.