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LY Agency

We are a fast growing private investigations agency in East and Central Africa. LY's foundation was laid in early 2014 and with five months operations in the entire Eastern Africa, it is the best of the best.

We are now widening our wings to Rwanda due to the dier need that our clients have expressed to us.

With LY Agency as your Investigations and Surveillance resource, you or your company effectively acquire an intelligence division. Our professionals will meet your needs for surveillance operations, skip tracing/debt collection, pre-employment background checks,Employee fraud detection and prevention, Crisis Management, asset determination, deleted computer data recovery, security and risk assessments, loss prevention strategies, and many more. LY Agency has a proven track record for professional service in due diligence investigations, workers compensation, Insurance fraud detection, Corporate Investigations, adultery, civil, and criminal cases.

LY Agency - Optimised, customised Investigative solutions for the 21st centuary...
2014-06-04 02:26:24
LY Agency - Detective Agency for Optimized Customized Investigative Solutions For the 21st Centuary
2014-06-03 05:19:20