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Hanna Megason

Hi I am Hanna Megason transvestite/pre op transsexual, Now actively aiming to fully become a female. I live in the from the St Marys area of Southampton and was formerly known as Sean Monaghan.  I have been dressing all of life when possible.. Apart from my x wife, long term partners & girlfriends who have all been understanding, open mined and all enjoyed having had been an active part of my life. All of them are bi sexual, very pretty and feminine” and had no hang ups about me. I have very secretly been living this way regrettably for far too long now. Besides I was born in this body and now believe I have a right to live my own life.  Social conditioning and religion of the western culture, “ unlike Buddhism”, had me terrified, shy, embarrass and afraid of the stigma and recoil, the humiliation not only of my self but what it would bring upon my family if friends, neighbours and people in general were to know or find out. Luckily for me and solely down to an x girlfriend of mine, she virtually pulled me right out of my solitude dark lonely place, where I had to reside silently in side of my self until quite recently. For a while now I have been living more and more as a female and experiencing the world as if through new eyes and emotions.


I am now publically posting announcements though what ever local and much wider media channels as I can think of.  So that people no matter what their views of me are can see that I am real, I am alive, I have a personality and that I am hanna megason. My personality my being and my life will not be returning and kept as a secret in that solitary, dark lonely place, where I had to reside silently, being denied life, a soul, a sprit or even use of my senses. .  Plz visit me on facebook   [email protected]


Thank you hanna x