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Jannine Barron

Nature's Child was born in July 2000 in the beachside town of Byron Bay, NSW. It seems fitting that Australia's First Organic Baby Store was born in a town where Natural Birth is actively supported in Pregnancy and where Indigenous women traditionally came to birth. So many births and firsts in Byron Bay! 

Initially an iconic retail store for many years selling eco-friendly products for babies and children, Nature's Child prides itself on offering a very different experience to most online stores. 

You may know us as an online retailer and Australian manufacturer of Organic Baby Products including Certified Organic Baby Skincare and Certified Organic Cotton reusable products that parents use every day. Everyone is welcome to shop direct from our website and experience our nurturing service and the unique ecofriendly difference that Nature’s Child Offers.

Because every decision as parents that we make every day impacts our planet. Nature’s Child only make products that have the purest organic and natural ingredients to ensure there is no harm to the environment or any of the people in our entire chain of growing, manufacturing and packaging. We make products with the future of our children in mind.

To verify this for you and for ourselves, we certify all our products with Peak Organic Industry Bodies that are recognised internationally including GOTS and Australian Certified Organic ACO.  

From humble beginnings in a garage in Byron Bay, Nature's Child is the Australian Pioneer of Organic Baby Products that parents can use every day such as cloth nappies, breast pads and baby wipes. We were the first in Australia and remain the most recognised Certified Organic Baby Brand in Australia.

When our owner Jannine Barron had her first child in 1995, she was shocked by the disposable nature of the baby products on offer. They were based on a throw away mentality, made largely from plastics and synthetic fabrics, they were costly and largely pointless. 

Jannine says "There are lots of reusable choices now but you have to imagine 20 yrs ago, the idea of a fabric, reusable breast pad or a cloth nappy made most people frown and look puzzled. But fortunately, a new wave of eco-minded parents and certainly our grandmothers, smiled and supported our new venture"

"I knew that if we were patient and parents slowly embraced this idea, we would witness an organic and eco revolution. This is exactly what has happened 17yrs since we started!. I am just so proud of all the parents that made this a reality and for my awesome team over the years that has delivered the purest and the best to parents internationally"

“My goal with Nature’s Child has always been simple. To do no harm in the entire chain of product creation. From the moment we grow herbs and cotton to the next step of factory fair trade manufacturing, to recyclable packaging and organic certification. It is easy and effortless for us to make the purest of everything without it costing our earth.  Every company in the world has access to the most natural & organic ingredients. All companies have access to the technology for recycling and organic certification. So why does our prioritising of this process make us special? We just want to be normal and until then, we are proud to set the standard.”

Nature’s Child Organic and Natural Products for babies are the simple things that parents use

every day in the purest form possible. 


Nature’s Child Certified Organic Baby Skincare includes Organic Bottom Balm, Organic Nipple Balm, Organic Wonder Balm, Organic Baby Wash, Organic Baby Powder, Organic Baby Massage Oil, and Organic Baby Chest Balm. 


Nature’s Child is also known for our Organic Cotton Baby Wipes, Organic Cotton Face Wipes,

Organic Cotton Breast Pads, Organic Cotton Cloth Nappies. Our Organic Baby Store sells disposable nappy liners for cloth nappies and Dri Liners which are reusable nappy liners. 


Our new range includes Certified Organic Nursing Tea. You can purchase nature’s child baby products at baby stores, on line baby stores, health food stores and gift stores across Australian, New Zealand and Asia. 


Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman to change to develop an awareness of the importance of an eco-friendly organic lifestyle. At Nature’s Child, we are honoured to assist this journey to create an eco-friendly home which can grow and deepen with the arrival of your new baby for a healthy family and future. Download our free baby checklist and enquire about our free samples when you have a moment.


Here is a summary of why Nature’s Child is different to other on line baby stores.


We don’t have hundreds of products for sale because, you simply don’t need them.

We believe that every decision we make every day impacts our planet - we are here for parents who choose to live simply. 

We only make products that you and your baby NEED. 

We verify all our claims of organic and natural purity with certification.

We make it easy for you to use less products than your average parent with only the purest of organic and natural ingredients. 

There is no chemical exposure or harm to any people or animals in our entire chain of growing, manufacturing or packaging.

The simple act of beautiful and 100% recyclable packaging reminds us that everything we buy is a gift and that the most important values we can pass on to our children are to live beautifully, simply and in harmony with our planet. 

Stunning Packaging means the most practical is now the most perfect BABY SHOWER GIFTS so you can share this message with your friends

We show you that living organically is completely achievable, realistic and easy when you are not wasting money on stuff you don't need.


Wholesale and Distribution enquiries are welcome.


You may have heard the phrase “Change the World, One Purchase at a time”

This was coined by our owner Jannine Barron in 2001 and perfectly sums up her belief in our purchase power for social change.


We see a lot of companies using the word organic and natural on their packaging. Check the ingredients before you believe the packaging. Unless you see a certification logo on their products, please do not compare us! Our independently audited Organic Certification is your guarantee of purity and honesty in our claims.