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KariM Meghji


MEGHJI FAMILY settled in Islamabad brings well mannered and professionally maintained accommodation establishment comparable to Four Star Hotels in Islamabad Pakistan.


Karim Meghji, a Tanzanian (East-African) born, had to go through quite a few hardships at his early age as Late Hussain Meghji (Karim's Father) was left alone with no support from his siblings and well-settled family in Dar-e-salaam (Tanzania) at the time. But the kid brought the fortune with him and KariM's parents took control over their financial circumstances and soon (Late Hussain Meghji) dominated himself back into the soap manufacturing empire. KariM was living a luxurious life with servants around him until the nationalization in East-Africa hit like a tornado and affected many citizens who had to move out of the country in the early 70's.


Mr & Mrs. HussaiN Meghji(Late Hussain Meghji), chose Pakistan as his next destination and along with family, he moved to Karachi to start over and establish at the new location. The climate and environment in Karachi did not suit Hussain and so they decided to relocate themselves in IslamabaD. Being self-employed has always been preferred by the MEGHJI's and so did to Hussain Meghji; and he chose the poultry industry as his occupation.



"It had not been easy but together with my mother's support, we were able to get ourselves out of the financial crisis." Karim says.

Karim moved to United States in the mid 80's and was hired as an assistant manager by the hotel franchise Ramada Inn Texas and soon promoted to theGeneral Manager after proper training and work experience. For the sake of family re-union, Karim moved back home in the 90's and decided to serve his home town with the knowledge and experience he gained by working in the hospitality industry, back in the States.

"No doubt, I had to go through tough times to resettle myself back in Islamabad, but hard work pays for itself and so it did in my situation. Put all your efforts to achieve your desire and no one can stop you getting there," Karim says with a smile.

Front Property view


Initiated the setup in the 90's, todayKarim Meghji; A MAN OF PRINCIPLE, is serving his tenants for over a decade now and has made a significant reputation in the hospitality industry together with his son SameeR (An American degree holder) support. Despite of the slow economy and political crisis in the nation, NewCapeGrace (the City's Top-Rated B&B at Trip Advisor)mission is to expand itself to serve the boarders and travelers on a larger scale than what it is, at the moment. Today, NewCapeGrace guests appreciate the services provided by the Meghji's father-son team - An Ismaili Muslim family.