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Nicholas Air

With sixteen years of accident free operations, Nicholas Air was founded on principles of expertise, safety, precision, and service. These principles serve as the cornerstones of their culture and establish the standards that deliver the exceptional experience their customers have come to appreciate. Starting out in the aircraft management industry, Nicholas Air thrived and quickly grew into one of the primary service providers for Fractional Ownership, Aircraft Leasing, Jet Rentals and Jet Card programs.

As a premier provider of private air travel, Nicholas Air has set out to provide the most economical and “fair priced” programs for a world focused on an unstable economy. Through the use of modern day aircraft and logistics, Nicholas Air is able to provide safe, efficient, and reliable programs at very cost effective rates. With the most fuel efficient and reliable aircraft, a Nicholas Air program can save you up to 40% vs. other fractional programs.

At Nicholas Air, being the most economical does not mean sparing value or service. Nicholas Air offers the best service in its class at the most cost effective rates, all with a brand new fleet of aircraft.

Visit the website- or call them at 866-935-7771 to know more about their offerings.