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Victoria Briggs


My name is Victoria Briggs and I am the Baking Goddess of No Ka' Oi Cinnamon Rolls.  Together with my handsome husband and business partner Anthony we have two beautiful daughters, Ella, age 5 and Olivia, age 4.  Luckily, we get to live on the magnificent island of Maui!

I have always enjoyed cooking, but really began baking when I was pregnant with Ella. We moved to a cute house in the town of Makawao that was surrounded by avocado and banana  tress.  We found that we could not eat the bananas fast enough so I started baking banana bread on a weekly basis.  I discovered baking to be very relaxing and enjoyable so I soon added cakes, pies, cookies, and muffins to my repetoire.  Anthony was very eager to encourage my baking as he is a natural born taste tester!  We often joked that I should quit my job and open a banana bread stand on the side of the road.  

A few years ago after Olivia was born I wanted to start a Christmas tradition of baking cinnamon rolls.  I thought the preparation the night before and the wonderful aroma of them baking in the morning while opening presents would create lasting memories for our girls.  I had never made cinnamon rolls or even used yeast! So, I researched on the internet, got advise from my friends who are pastry chefs, threw caution to the wind, and went for it.  They were DELICIOUS and that Christmas morning a tradition was born!   

Christmas of 2011 our nephew Michael moved to Maui and tried my cinnamon rolls for the first time.  He LOVED them and told me they were better then a very popular national cinnamon roll chain that shall remain nameless!  He told me I should start a business selling them, and that is what sparked the idea for No Ka' Oi Cinnamon Rolls. I thought maybe other people would like to have cinnamon rolls for special occasions and to create memories too.

I began baking for my family, friends, and by word of mouth.  Needless to say they were a huge hit!  In May of 2012 I rented commercial kitchen space and launched No Ka 'Oi Cinnamon Rolls!  We currently sell pans of No Ka 'Oi Cinnamon Rolls directly to customers and individual rolls are available at many different coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and boats all over Maui.

Our one line mission statement is DREAM BIG!

Mahalo nui loa for your business and support!

Anthony, Victoria, Ella, and Olivia Briggs