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The Octavius Tea Retreat – One of the best tea-tourism destinations in Dooars

A number of tea tourism destinations have come up in the Dooars with accommodations in the tea estates. One such tourism destination is “The Octavius Tea Resorts” beautifully created on the theme of tea plantation life and reflecting the true spirit of Dooars. The beautifully nurtured tea gardens of Octavius with the lush green tea bushes and shade trees are a real feast for the eyes. The itherial view of the Kanchenjunga range of mountains from these tea estates is mesmerizing.

The Octavius Plantation consists of the Sylee Tea Estate and the Nya Sylee Tea Estate.

The century old well-preserved Colonial Tea Bungalows of the British era in each of these estates have been transformed into to a tea-retreat with much love, sensitivity and devotion ensuring that heritage has been preserved and history has been kept alive. However, to keep to our everyday requirements and desired comforts, the bungalows have been renovated with modern amenities.