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Thomas Tedder

Check out their holster prices at Old Faithful Holsters & find a wide assortment of gun holsters, holster kits, gun belts, mag carriers and many more at unbeatable prices.


Company Overview:-

Old Faithful Holsters was founded in 2010 with a revolutionary idea; offer the best designed and highest quality holster on the market today at a price that makes their competitors cringe. The design uses higher quality leather than anyone else. It’s not just more expensive, it is a different type of leather with the perfect amount of waxes and sealers to make it more comfortable, more beautiful and more resistant to moisture than standard skirting leather embraced by the “big names” in the industry. It’s also a thicker piece of leather so you won’t feel a pistol poking you in the side. The shape of the leather allows you to quickly grasp the pistol grip without running into leather. Other holster maker still hasn’t figured this out and the few that have realized it want to charge extra to cut the leather to where it should have been in the first place.


The shape of the leather has another feature missed by others in the industry. Their holsters have wide tabs to evenly distribute the weight of a fully loaded pistol across your waist instead of at one point.


If you like to do things yourself, you can buy one of their kits and have a holsters that is better than anyone’s for about a third of the cost.


Contact Details:

Old Faithful Holsters

702 North 11th Street

Fort Smith, AR 72901

Phone : 479-226-3082

Phone: 479-414-7300