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Shah Jee

Love is an emotion an affection you cannot physically touch or see. It's something to be left. Love is something pure like a new borne baby's first smile. In case of a person it's something you trust more then your life, with whome you can talk to as if you were talking to yourself without hesitance Someone whose one smile can make your day and no matter what happens you believe it when they tell you that

everything will be okay the sound of whose voice can make all your worries vanish in to thin air just like that marriage is next step of love. Marriage a life time bond with person with whome you can share anything, your thaughts your feelings, your joy and sorrow your good and worse moments, your own self even your soul. That's why life partner is called soul mate.

Somethimes it is very different to marry the person whome you love. There could be different reason behind such as.

your parents want you marry in the family or in other word parents are strictly against love marriage. The inter Family marriages are some time based on mere compromised because these marriages are outcome of forced marriages. The family members also create various hurdles in love marriges.

Some taweez can help in providings solutions for such problems. For examle instance Taweez for love and Taweez for marriage can help to achive the ultimate wish of yours to marry your love one. Taweez for love can remove the hurdels which are created by the family members in love marriages. If you are in such position where parents are not listining to you or any other problems / hurdles you are facing to get married.

Shah Jee