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Perma Stripe

Permastripe® a specialist manufacturer of self adhesive line marking tape based in the North West of England. They  operate from a large modern factory site, which is fully certified to ISO9000:2000 and ISO 14001 standards. They utilise efficient manufacturing methods to bring you a quality product, with the ability to offer a competitive price

Company Details:

Permastripe® haz grown to become the leading choice in warehouse marking material, supplying our products to every continent, offering next day delivery where possible. We feel our specialisation is where our success lies, as we only manufacture and sell our own materials, which is what allows us to provide such competitive costs. We aim to provide the best, most honest and effective solution to the problem.


Permastripe® are able to offer line marking tape in many widths, shapes and colours due to the range of post production machines at our disposal in house. We will conform to almost any demands necessary due to todays competitive climate. Please enquire about our bespoke options, consignment stock and our ability to meet your IT requirements, including EDI and self invoice.