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Ricky Jose is a matchmaking site that allows pet owners to find local pet care service providers, such as dog trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers, pet waste removal services, pet boarders, pet groomers, doggie daycare facilities and more. Its network of trusted pet care providers stretches across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit

Well, having pets around you all the time is some time a god gifted blessing as you have a living thing around you all the time. You would never feel lonely or bored of your life. Your pet would be the best entertainer for you. They are the most loyal animals and so faithful. You can leave your house at their responsibility and you can be sure your home is safe and fine. If you are sad or for some reason you are feeling low, your pet would make you feel ok. But then this is not the scene for your daily life. You need to go out or party with your friends, or business trips but you cannot take your pet to all these places no matter how mannered your pet is. You would surely not be happy sending him to a pet boarding and you cannot carry him everywhere. The best would be if you call for pet sitting service and ask them to provide you with the most professional person who can take care of your pet.


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