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PE Accountants & Advisers

PE Accountants & Advisors®

Chartered Certified Accountants

Professional Experienced Dedicated

Simplifying Accountancy and Business Advice 

We know how tough it is to run a business. We know the sleepless nights you are having thinking how to turnaround the challenging business situations you are facing. We also know you find it difficult to share these challenges as either your accountant is just interested in bookkeeping or doesn't have an experience of the business world as we have had.

Our teams don't only have an accountancy practice background but have spent more time mentoring and shaping businesses.

We assist Owners, Managing Directors, CEO's and Boards to manage, develop and grow businesses, efficiently and effectively at local, national and international level.


ü  Are you looking for 'more than an accountant'?

ü  Are you looking for a 'Business Mentor or Guide' who would not only tell you where you may be getting wrong and where you are doing well?

ü  Do you want to know how to grow your business and what's stopping you?

ü  Are you looking for funding/finance to grow your business?

ü  Is UK becoming a difficult market for you?

ü  Do you want to know how we can help you to do business in Middle East, Europe and India?

Act Now to sort out your accounts and get a quality   business advice, which could change the course of your business.

We are sure we can be catalyst to change your fortune by pointing you in right direction and provide you the ‘Targeted Support’ that you need to make the right decision to be successful.

We provide business advice that helps you to understand and manage your business better. 

We are not just accountants but 'Business Accountants'.


ü  Bookkeeping

ü  Annual Accounts

ü  Self Assessments            

ü  Annual Returns

ü  Corporation Tax

ü  VAT Returns

ü  Company Formation

ü  Payroll/Pay Slips

ü  Charity Accounts

ü  Independent Examination for Charities

ü  Company House Filing


ü  Business Plans, Proposals & Budgets

ü  Presenting Business Plans to Banks/VC

ü  Investments

ü  Cash flow Forecasts

ü  Management Accounts ,Financial Analysis

ü  Feasibility, Due Diligence  

ü  Selling Your Business For More 

ü  Start Up to SME Advice

ü  Grant Funding, Bid &Tender Development

ü  International Business Expansion to Middle East

ü  Training and Events

ü  Systems and Software


q  We believe that no one knows your business

 like you do, so our job is to facilitate a process to develop your strategy.

q  We aim to provide you assistance to keep on doing your best and being ahead of your business adversaries.

q  We ground each solution in ‘how you actually work’ and your ‘unique position’ in the marketplace.

PE Accountants & Advisors

Chartered Certified Accountants

Professional Experienced Dedicated

One Victoria Square 


B1 1BD

T: 0121 284 1613

T: 01212847419

M: 07915387153

Email: [email protected]



PE Accountants & Advisers - PE Accountants and Advisers
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