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PodiatryWorks Mr.BALA.G/Ms.JUN.M

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What is Podiatry


For many of us,we don't think too much about our feet, until something goes wrong.  We expect our feet to be uncomfortable at times, but we often just put up with it when they hurt.  Healthy feet are fundamental to the quality of our lives.  They are amazingly engineered and often indicators of our overall health, we need to look after the,.  Podiatry is a healthcare profession that specializes in precision care of the foot, ankle, and lower leg towards the overall health of your body.



What is a podiatrist


Podiatrists assess, diagnose and treat all aspect of lower limb issues from flat feet, ankle sprain, heel pain, ingrown toenails, arthritis and Diabetic feet.  Foot problems can be experienced by both young and the old.  Your feet will need to last for a lifetime, have them checked regularly at PodiatyWorks. 


Latest Technologies


Dynamic Orthotic Calibration (D.O.C)

Customized 3D laser scan and orthotics

Shockwave Therapy

High-Intensity Laser Therapy  

Cutting edge Video gait analysis


Our Specialisation



Biomechanical assessment

Gait (Motion) Analysis

Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)

Kinesio Tape


Pediatric care

Corn, callous, warts

Nail problems

Diabetic Foot Management

Wound Care Management

General Foot and Ankle Care







Dynamic Orthotic Calibration (D.O.C)


Do you wear orthotics? If measured by simply standing still, then you are well protected for a life standing in just one place.  Life is about motion.  Your feet are meant to move, Orthotics are meant to be evaluated with both stance and movement to protect and balance your feet throughout your entire upright activities.  We stand, walk, and move relying on our feet to help balance our body posture with everystep we take.


At PodiatryWorks, we use advance German technologies to design your orthotic by precisely measuring your foot pressure distribution, sensitivity, and movement when you stand, walk and even run.  Analysing the data collected, combined with your podiatric assessment results, our Podiatrists provide the most complete assessment available of how your feet move inside your shoes to create accurate customized orthotics to actively manage your problem.



PodiatryWorks Mr.BALA.G/Ms.JUN.M - we specialist on flat feet and in toeing problem for kids.biomechanics assessment and diabetics care
2015-08-19 00:22:03
PodiatryWorks Mr.BALA.G/Ms.JUN.M - we soothe your sole.
2015-08-19 00:20:27