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Fabric Australia

Without a doubt swimming pool covers are one of the best inventions in pool technology. They help you save time and money by reducing maintenance, reducing water loss, reducing chemical usage and increasing heat retention.


These key features make a pool cover or blanket a must have addition to any pool. Our innovative, diamond bubble-shaped solar blanket will increase heat retention, eliminate evaporation almost completely and reduce running costs in terms of maintenance and pool chemical consumption. Our solar blankets will also dramatically reduce the amount of dust and general debris that gets into your pool.

Our innovative products can be used for a host of applications including: mine site storage, rainwater harvesting, food grade storage, water and waste water storage, chemical storage, waterproofing, emergency aid, waste containment, dam liners, tank liners, swimming pool liners, architectural fabrication  ornamental lakes and pond liners, truck and car wash bays, contamination prevention, spill containment, shading solutions, shade sails, weather protection and contract fabrication and many more. We take the best architectural fabrics and manufacture them into a range of value-adding products.

Fabric Australia - Increasing the Value of Your Pool with Swimming Pool Covers
2014-12-19 03:16:45