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Praj Industries


Praj is a 30+ year old organization with expertise and experience in bio-processing industry. With references over 75 countries, Praj has a mark in every continent. Praj's businesses are divided in to 3 buckets - 
Bioenergy - Praj has its own patented technologies for production of ethanol of various grades viz. fuel, beverage and industrial from a variety of feedstock depending on the soil-climate situation 
High Purity Water Systems - Praj's wholly owned subsidiary Praj HiPurity Systems caters to the requirements of pharmaceutical industry where the need is virus and bacteria free high purity water solutions 
c. Engineering businesses - These businesses viz. critical process equipment & systems, industrial waster & wastewater treatment and brewery plants leverage Praj's engineering capabilities

Climate change mitigation and clean environment are the prime drivers of Praj's business activities. The complex business proposition is supported by world class R&D facility and manufacturing infrastructure. 

Praj also takes keen interest in the community welfare and is a socially responsible corporate citizen.    

Our Services:

Waste Water Treatment Plants 

Ethanol Plants 

Brewery Plants