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Pranav Chemicals


PRANAV CHEMICALS was established way back in 1991, when the president of the organization started the DYE INTERMEDIATES plant with a vision to cater to the growing demand of chemical industry world wide, in order to emerge as a quality conscious manufacturer within a short span. The Company achieved significant levels of growth over the years and became one of the world’s largest producers of...


Our Contribution :

 A relentless focus on Quality.

 A Customer Driven Orientation.

 Always upholding our price commitments and timely delivery.

 A long established history.

PRANAV CHEMICALS are manufacturer and Exporters of DSD acid (4-4 di-amino stilbene 2-2 di-sulphonic acid, d.a.s.d.a), dnst (4-4 di-nitro stilbene 2-2 di sulphonic acid, dnsda), nast (4-amino 4-nitro stilbene 2-2 di sulphonic acid, n.a.s.d.a ), pntosa (para nitro toluene ortho sulphonic acid, p n t s) in all over the world since last 10 to 15 yrs. Our profit is our customer satisfaction.

Why us for DSD acid, dnst, nast, pntosa?

Because our DSD acid, dnst, nast and pntosa Quality and timely delivery. And PRANAV CHEMICALS have long experience in the CHEMICALS manufacturer and Exporters also PRANAV CHEMICALS are
ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

PRANAV CHEMICALS provide effective price on 4-4 di-amino stilbene 2-2 di-sulphonic acid (d.a.s.d.a, dsd acid), 4-4 di-nitro stilbene 2-2 di sulphonic acid (dnsda, dnst), 4-amino 4-nitro stilbene 2-2 di sulphonic acid (n.a.s.d.a, nast), para nitro toluene ortho sulphonic acid (p n t s, pntosa)

For more details please visit us at :

Call: 91-79-22819017


Email: [email protected]