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 "PRETTY-SEXY-GIRL. LTD. The store is the beach road in Negril in front of the hotel Bar-B-Barn is a lady's store, I sell: fashionable clothing, shoes, accessories and fashion jewelry . I buy all my items in France, Italy and Belgium, these are items of high quality finishes and wonderful .  


Welcome to the PRETTY GIRL-SEXY-LADY'S STORE Dear customer my store is located on Norman Manley Boulevard next sunrice You can visit it without obligation to purchase Monday to Saturday from 10: 30 AM UNTIL 5: 30 Closed on Sunday (open by appointment only) All items are imported from France, clothes, shoes for all occasions Bags, Belts, Fashion Jewelry, Hats, Wigs, Hair extensions. I am also artists, You can also find my paintings, I also manufactures decorative items Info: Contact: [email protected]