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Robert Philip Ngo

RVM Roofings and Construction aims to be one of the leading entities in the roofing materials in the construction industry.



RVM Roofings and Construction is engaged in the construction business of sales and installation of various kinds of roofing materials such as:


SHINTO Roof Tiles from Japan

COBERT Roof Tiles from Spain

ROSER Stone Coated Steel Roof from Korea 

GAF/ELK Asphalt Shingles from  USA

TAWIN Artificial/Palm Thatch from Taiwan

MAGE Vent Tapes from Malaysia 

BUTTERFLY Roof Tiles from Malaysia

FANG XING UPVC Industrial longpsan Roofings from China

ONDULINE corrugated asphalt roofing sheet from Malaysia

ONDUVILLA asphalt roof tiles from Italy

RVM longspan metal roofings










RVM ROOFINGS AND CONSTRUCTION is dedicated to quality supply and installation and after sales of clay roofing tiles to Home Owners, Architects, and Builders.




For inquiries, kindly call:



RVM Roofings and Construction


Tel. No. (032) 361-0873

Cel. No. 0927-313-3979 (Globe)

Cel. No. 0939-384-9314 (Smart)

Cel. No. 0932-877-3678 (Sun)


Email: [email protected]

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