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Suzie Cheah

As a fulltime homemaker since year 2003, I have tried many online money-making opportunities without much success. Just in year, 2009, I stumbled upon this “Internet Work-from-Home Business” based on a simple business model/concept of “simply switch stores or brands” and turn shopping for ‘go green’, safer non-toxic daily essential household products into a Reliable and Profitable Work-from-Home Business.

A well established, proven track record and successful 25-years old American online catalogue and in-store, ‘go green’ supermarket concept. Through our TWI Group proven prospecting/marketing system successfully marketed in Singapore since March 2006. Now open in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur since March 2010 with expansion plan to Philippines in mid-2011.

The company offer a business opportunity to anyone who has the desire and commitment to build a long-term, recession-proof home business. A business anyone can do and start building pipelines of residual income without affecting your current job or business. Learn more from our FREE public seminar or webinar online presentation. Interested, register at: