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Business is defined by change.
South Africa is defined by change.
Life is defined by change.

When change is well-managed, it is invigorating, inspiring and productive.
SEESA, the employer’s company, shows you how. SEESA provides your business with comprehensive legal services.

Since 1998 SEESA has grown into the largest business and labour consultancy group in South Africa, with four distinct divisions: SEESA Labour, SEESA BEE, SEESA Consumer Protection & POPI and SEESA Skills Training

We currently protect and promote the interests of over 35 000 South African business owners and employers. SEESA has an in-house team of over 250 legal advisors, 9 consulting legal firms, more than 800 employees and 20 offices countrywide ready to assist you. SEESA offers employers and business owners professional, 24-hour, highly affordable, tax-deductible legal support and representation.