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Trevor Folgering

Trevor Folgering, Fitness Professional, C.F.C

Personal Training Diploma - December 1999 (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)
C.F.C (Certified Fitness Consultant)
CPR/First Aid Certified


Trevor’s Mission is to provide his clients with the correct fitness and nutritional training and counseling for their bodies as well as to have the client integrate fitness into their lifestyle by providing the correct coaching modalities to initiate change.

Related Education

Having completed two years of Fitness Studies at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Trevor graduated with a thorough understanding of anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics of the body, movement mechanics, injury rehabilitation, postural analysis, in-depth nutrition, Advanced Strength Training/Core Training Principals and lifestyle counseling. Since 1999 he has provided his services as a Personal Trainer in fitness club facilities, as well as conducting private in-home sessions. Trevor has eleven years of practical training experience and has trained a very broad clientele base from every age and demographic.

Related Experience

Training with Trevor is a totally new and dynamic experience that will allow the client to reach new physical heights. Working closely with clients, Trevor is able to best determine which approach is to be used in order for the client to see maximum results.

Trevor’s philosophy of training is that everyone is unique in what he/she wants to accomplish. No one should be given a “Cookie Cutter routine.”  In order to see results we must do four steps, 1) Reprogram the mind and get rid of limiting beliefs 2) Re-train/Re-align the body for proper body mechanics 3) Adjust nutrition to allow the body to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass as well as increase vitality and 4) Strengthen and make the core (Abs/Lower back/Hips) more effective in performing day to day tasks!

Trevor now lives and works in Regina, Sasaktchewan sharing his philosophy of fitness as a way of life.

Fitness Background and Athletic Accomplishments

As a testament to his own fit and healthy lifestyle Trevor trains 6 days a week using a very holistic approach to fitness, one that includes core strength and endurance, cardiovascular training, strength and muscular conditioning as well as postural balancing and flexibility training.

Trevor Folgering, a professional stair climber and fitness trainer based in Regina, Saskatchewan has been climbing stairs and towers professionally since 2006.  He is currently ranked 31st in the world for stair climbs, and he is the founder of the Canadian Stair Climb Association. Trevor’s most recent stair climbs include the 2011 Empire State Building Run-up, in which he completed the course of 86 stories (1576 steps) in 13 minutes and 15 seconds.  Additionally, he has climbed the CN Tower in Toronto eight times, with his fastest time being 11 minutes and 19 seconds up the 144 flights of stairs in the tallest building in North America
Trevor continues to train for the love of fitness and to reach his ultimate goal of completing the CN Tower under the current world record of 7 minutes and 51 seconds and break the World Vertical StairClimbing Record – Climbing 61,000 feet in under 24 hours.