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Strategic Group

Strategic Group is one of the leading names in the Real Estate industry. The company owns, develops and manages office, apartment and retail properties all over Canada, from Vancouver Island to Atlantic Canada. Our creative and unconventional approach is reflected in our Mantra: “Creating value others can’t; by seeing what others don’t.” 

Strategic Group is dedicated to innovative and sustainable properties that meet the requirements of its communities. We offer commercial space for lease, small office spaces and apartments for rent at competitive prices. 

Our wide range of services also include tenant services; In order to deliver remarkable customer service and building standards to our tenants,  we’ve brought crucial services in-house. Strategic Group is active in market equity and mezzanine financing. With Over $1 billion of assets under management,  Strategic Group supports the development of businesses in real estate, health care, resources, manufacturing,  retail finance and food service sectors.

We have an in-house development team that  concentrates on projects developed on our behalf for ourselves. Our approach helps us to construct attractive and vibrant buildings which are developed in an environmentally responsible way. We believe in creating  innovative and sustainable properties.