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Website :


Address : 1 King St. W Suite 4800 – 133, Toronto, M5H 1A1, Canada.


Phone : 416-340-7866


1. Create Your Own Comfort-zone with Bean Bag Chairs Canada

You can create your dream atmosphere by the help of bean bags. They can be accommodated in every area or place you like: may it be your house, office or balcony. Sumo Lounge offers every type of chair according to the buyer’s preferences and tastes.


2.Be Creative with Sumo Omni Chairs Canada

Sumo Omni is one of the most popular products by our customers. It offers comfort and relaxation.There is a great variety of color choices and styles which allow you to have your imagined and desired interior. Sumo Lounge even offers colorful covers up to your taste.


3. Extra-relaxation Provided by Sumo Gigantor Canada

You think that size of the chair is not profound. We can change your mind offering our extraordinary and enormous Sumo Gigantors. It is quite full and fluffy and makes you forget regular hard-structure small chairs. Create your desired zone of comfort with Sumo Gigantor chairs.


4. Renew Your Chairs Using Bean Bag Accessories Canada

Sumo Lounge offers a great variety of bean bag accessories: blankets, neck pillows, as well as colorful covers and bean bag fillers. These magic accessories have a high-quality textile and will help you to customize and enhance your experience in Sumo bean bag chairs.





Sumolounge - Website : Address : 1 King St. W Suite 4800 – 133, Toronto, M5H 1A1, Cana
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