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Dorjee Lama

Sunny Travels and Treks started with the yearning to bring others on the excursions we have been making for eras. "We" implies the Sunny Travel staff and our forbearers. For Generations, our Tibetan Buddhist culture covered up in trans-Himalayan gullies on the Nepal side of the fringe with the Tibet Autonomous area has been investigating the considerable scenes of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. We went in little gatherings, coordinated with the physical and social universes through which we ventured. When we began Sunny Travel in the mid 1990s, we would have liked to share the spots we knew and cherished with other people who were open and anxious for new enterprises. We didn't name this ecotourism, or reasonable travel or mindful tourism. We just realized that we needed our travel gatherings to be sufficiently little not to overpower the experience; we needed others, as well, to communicate specifically and deferentially with nearby individuals and indigenous habitats as opposed to deplete neighborhood assets, making a commitment to their Preservation.