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Tammy Sullivan

One of our Payroll Specialists will be assigned to work with you, to ensure we have a deep understanding of your needs and will be able to design bespoke, customisable spreadsheets or time sheets to make it easy for you to send your payroll data to us, or we are happy to work with your current processes.

Your payroll will go through a series of checks and we reconcile your payroll to your original data to ensure there are no discrepancies before we return your payroll to you.

For your accounts, we offer a variety of bespoke payroll reports, to ensure you have all the relevant information at your fingertips.

Your employees can benefit from our online portal to receive and view their payslips, or you can choose to have employee payslips posted or emailed.

If you operate a pension scheme, our fully integrated software, ensures we are able to streamline your pension process and deliver an end to end service, from assessing your staff each payroll, communicating with your employees and sending pension data direct to your pension provider.

We can manage all of the administration for you, dealing with opt–align: ins and opt-outs, transfers between schemes and each payroll, you receive a pensions report, detailing amounts to be paid to your pensions providers.

If you don’t want to make the payments for wages and salaries yourself, we can provide a number of payment options, from BACS to bank files for services such as Fastpay or Telepay, or we can provide you with a client bank account, enabling you to make one single payment for salaries, PAYE and National Insurance and we’ll make the payments for you.

Our service is designed to be quick, easy and cost-effective.