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Tenki Ryu Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to the Tenki Ryu Martial Arts Academy OCFM, devoted to martial arts and life excellence. At Tenki Ryu every student is encouraged to reach their own potential rather than directly compete against other students. A student of Tenki Ryu learns more than a martial art - they learn skills that will enable them to be a more positive & successful individual in life. Our programs are designed to teach skills that can be used to improve your health, confidence, concentration and self-defense. 

As a member of Tenki Ryu Martial Arts Academy you will learn the traditional values of the Martial Arts, such as self-discipline, respect, balance-in-life and self-defense. We emphasise that conflicts should be resolved in a non-violent manner wherever possible. 

Every level is measured in small, easy to attain goals. You will quickly discover a number of ways in which Tenki Ryu can help your personal development:

* Health
* Flexibility
* Strength
* Self Confidence
...... And so much more!

To find out more about claiming £100 off your training fees or one free months training email your NAME, ADDRESS and TELEPHONE NUMBER to [email protected] and one of our Instructors will then contact you to arrange an introductory lesson.

Reasons why Martial Arts are great for your child:

Martial Arts are a lot of fun and channel aggression.
It is well known that people learn faster when they are having fun. At Tenki Ryu we make sure the atmosphere is friendly and fun. Your child will have a great time meeting new friends while learning life changing martial arts. 

Positive Values
Values such as: non-violence, respect, honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship, trying hard at school, and positive behaviour are the foundations of martial arts and values that Tenki Ryu embrace and promote.


1. Self-Confidence:
Self-confidence is a vital ingredient for happiness and success. Children who learn a martial art develop better self-confidence. Improved self-confidence leads to better grades, a better circle of friends, better performance in sports and extra-curricular activities in general. At Tenki Ryu students are encouraged to take chances and to push themselves further than they thought they could go. The success our students experience as they progress to Black Belt teaches them that if they are willing to work hard they can be successful at anything if they truly believe in themselves. 

"...martial arts programs are more effective than other physical activities at reducing aggression and hostility and increasing self-esteem, self-control and self-confidence." (Source - Binder, Brad. "Psychosocial Benefits of Martial Arts: Myth or Reality? A Literature Review." 1999.)

2. Improved Progress at School:
At Tenki Ryu students are taught the importance of concentration and focus. Improved concentration means that your child will learn more at school allowing your child to receive better grades for both academics and attitude. Students must complete a home/school report card in order to grade. 

3. Positive Attitudes:
Students at Tenki Ryu learn to have a positive and respectful attitude to parents, teachers, friends, other people in general and their environment. 

"People who continue to practice the martial arts for prolonged periods are different from the general populace in these ways: they have a lower level of anxiety; an increased sense of responsibility; they are less likely to be radical; they have an increased level of self-esteem; and they are more socially intelligent." (Source - Psychology Today, May 1985.)

4. Self-defense.
At Tenki Ryu your child will improve his or her strength, flexibility and overall health. Your child will learn to defend themselves with power and effectiveness. Hopefully, your child will never be picked on or need to fight - but should they find themselves in such a situation they will be equipped with the necessary skills needed to protect themselves.

5. Martial Arts Encourage Healthy Children:
Martial arts are a great and fun way to workout. Children who take martial arts are healthier and make better decisions about food. They also learn to take better care of themselves in general.

Tenki Ryu Martial Arts Academy is offering 2 free lessons for anyone who is considering signing their child up to a martial art but is not sure if it is right for them. Your child will get a fun introduction to Tenki Ryu Martial Arts