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Testing And Tagging Perth

It’s very important to keep your equipment in perfect condition. By ensuring you have well-maintained and correctly tagged machinery, you can avoid unexpected workplace accidents and provide a safe working environment to your employees. Testing and Tagging Perth is committed to making this happen with our complete range of services.

We offer thorough inspection and testing of many types of machinery and we offer a thorough fault detection process. We then offer you advice on the condition of the equipment and how to get things repaired in case of failure or damage. Across all facets of inspection and testing, Testing and Tagging Perth strictly adheres to Australian standards, ensuring all appliances are safe for use.

Testing and Tagging Perth’s operations are spread across a variety of workplaces, dealing with a wide range of electrical and industrial appliances. From office computers, water coolers and extension leads all the way to industrial and construction trade tools such as saws and drills, we test every instrument thoroughly and make sure it is safe to use. We are equally specialized in testing mining machinery which is truly put through its paces every day.

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