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TheNatural BedStore

Organic Mattress, Latex Mattress, Natural Mattress offers all natural and organic latex mattresses manufactured by finest craftsmen using natural and organic material. These natural mattresses are totally natural and organic and offer the cleanest, safest and most comfortable sleep.

About Company:

The natural organic latex sector of the organic mattress industry is currently experiencing a period of vibrant growth. They are excited to contribute to America's environmental health by producing organic latex mattresses that will not add to an already toxic bedroom. Two primary drivers account for the increased popularity in natural beds:

• informed consumers

• better competitors

Today's consumer is better educated about the toxic effects of chemicals than any group in history. Information once sequestered away in scientific journals is now a mouse click away on the web. Plus, today's mattress buyer wants quality; you are not afraid to ask questions, research, and then probe those of us in the industry with more questions. The typical natural mattress buyer is well-educated on the benefits of healthy, chemical-free sleep.