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Josh Chaney

Turquoise Direct is one of the prominent jewelry stores offering a stunning collection of new and old Native American jewelry by some of the top jewelry artist like Darryl Dean Begay whose creative designs of jewelry are famous all over the world. Call: (505) 934 -5294

Company Overview:

Turquoise Direct is the home of authentic handmade turquoise jewelry that is designed by award winning Native American artists. This unique jewelry is created with the finest natural American turquoise and set in exquisite contemporary and traditional silver and gold designs. Turquoise Direct offers a stunning selection of new and old Native American jewelry. From bracelets to earrings, necklaces and rings to buckles and bolos, one can find a wide range of jewelry designs here, each created by some of the most collectible and highly respected Native American artists in the Southwest. All jewelry is available at highly competitive prices as we deal directly with the Native American jewelers and the American turquoise miners.

Among the award-winning artists featured at Turquoise Direct for American Indian jewelry are Calvin and Terry Martinez, Sammie Kescoli Begay, Ned Nez, Tommy Jackson, Arland Ben, Al Joe, Leo Yazzie and many others.