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Valentini Medicaltravel

 free dental and dental visits


The valentinimedicaltravel sc.damariva Ltd. in collaboration with several Europeandental clinics, promotes a cycle of implantology for demonstration.
During the event, some of the most 'important international surgeons, will explain and demonstrate the latest developments in surgical techniques and implant.
Patients who will undergo this type of therapy during the event, limited seats available,PLANTS WILL BE FREE, the only remaining charges against them for the prosthetichand.

valentinimedicaltravel the patient to provide a detailed estimate of the cost of theprosthetic and travel.

  For more information and reservations call the following numbers

Tel 0039-02/89058979 (9 ° ° / 15 ° °) cell. 0038-388-1152502 (24/24)


valentini medicaltravel - Dental Tourism valentinimedicaltravel
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