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Tijuana Vision Optical

Tijuana Optometrist 

High Experience adapting any kind of Contact Lenses 

Soft Contact Lenses $35 (Box with 6 pieces)

Eye Exam is Inlcuded


RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable Contact lenses) $209 

More recommended for patients with keratoconus or Iregular astigmatism

Eye Exam and fitting is included 


Tijuana Optometrist is located just 2 miles away form San Diego California 

Located in Blvd Sanchez taboada 929 suite-1 Zona Centro Tijuana 


USA:  (619)618-2503

MEX (664)638-1042



Email:  [email protected]



Skype:  contact lenses


Eyeglasses $50 *All Included 

Single Vision 

Eye Examination Included 

Tijuana Vision Optical - Today $25 Contact lenses Eye Exam, Call USA (619)618-2503 for Appointments
2014-11-29 16:33:19
Tijuana Vision Optical - Tijuana best Attenton in town with Lower prices !
2014-11-29 11:53:14