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Visiontux Innovations

VISIONTUX Innovations is an outstanding provider of Biometric Access Control Systems and Devices with Security and Surveillance System Solutions specialized in Biometric Access Control Devices, Access Control Systems, Attendance Marking Systems, Biometric Fingerprint Attendance, Fingerprint Access Control, Access Control Door Locks, Access Control and Attendance, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Electronic Security Systems, Punching Cards, RFID Tags, Access Card Reader, Audio / Video Systems, Road Barriers, Metal Detectors, Led Search Lights, Building Management Systems and RFID Card Reader. Visiontux Innovations as Biometric Security System dealer has a complete dedication in their services and an upcoming leader in Fire Security System and Theft Control Devices with a full fledged infrastructure at Cochin.

As a Biometric Solution Provider all over India, We offer Home Security Devices, Security and Surveillance System Products with market friendly package within stipulated time frame. We strongly believe in maintaining everlasting relationship with our customers in delivering Biometric Access Control Systems and Devices, Security Surveillance System devices and serving them with extreme care.


Visiontux maintains an excellent branded product list with standard for Biometric Security System Products with Fingerprint Access Control and Door Access Control System which is improved regularly by carrying out thorough checking and analysis. We are blessed with super qualified technicians, engineers, who handle the entire operations of Biometric Access Control Systems and Devices with intimate care and Safety. We have Punching Cards, RFID Tags, Access Card Reader and Theft Control Devices which were designed as per many client directions with Superior technology and excellent professionalism and effectively best Result Producing.

Visiontux uses the best Advanced Technology in Biometric Access Control Systems with booming Biometric Technology Solutions such as Home Security Products and Devices, Building Management System Services, Fingerprint recognition Devices, Door Access Control Equipments, CCTV Camera Systems, Criminal Identification, Iris recognition, Facial recognition and Hand Access Control such as Metal Detectors with Consumer Result targeted design and Biometric Fingerprint Security products as per the Customer Specifications.

Visiontux provides you a Unique launch of branded and Superior Biometric Fingerprint Security Products with Fingerprint attendance Kerala and Access Control Kerala to satisfy your Fingerprint attendance system requirements in Kerala with a high quality & quantity product supply listed from Bioclass Reader or Enroller, Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control, Fingerprint Attendance System Kerala, RFID Tags Kerala, Fingerprint Reader Kerala, Fingerprint Terminal, CCTV, Metal Detectors, LED Search Lights, Road Blocks, Road Barriers, Access Control Devices Kerala etc. Log on to:




Contact us for Attractive Offers @ [email protected]


Mob: +91 9995810006,
          +91 9995810007,
          +91 9995810008 Visit:

Fingerprint Attendance Device is an efficient method to maintain Employee Attendance all over kerala to automate and co ordinate your Office Attendance Kerala with a well regulated order. With the Fingerprint Attendance System, our target is to self – automate and easy control of Attendance in almost all the Offices and Companies inside Kerala to offer you the best and highly accurate mode of Fingerprint Attendance System in Kerala.

Go through our site for further information:

The vast changing trend of Modern technology remembers you that maintaining a traditional attendance record management is not a suitable option. The advanced Fingerprint Access Control Technology provides you great offers in the mode of Electronic Gadgets such as Fingerprint Reader or Enroller, Fingerprint Terminal, Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System, Smart Finger Time Attendance System, Door Access Control Kerala, Time Attendance System Kerala, RFID Card Readers Kerala, Security Fingerprint Cards Kerala, Fingerprint Attendance Door Lock and more.

While maintaining the Attendance Marking System of a Company or Office through file Attendance Recording System, the multiple problems arise which are as misunderstanding, corruption and verifying the final total Attendance. Instead, If we are using a Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System, you are supposed to get extreme quality and high efficiency in the human resource management of your Company. This will result in proper work output of your Employees and better Man Power Profit. The Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System in Kerala can mainly used in all those areas where the exact Identity Authentication is required to verify a person. The variety purposes with Access Control Fingerprint Attendance System plays its role in Schools, Colleges, Election Commission Offices, Hospitals, Factories and other important Business Organizations.

Fingerprint Security System attracts people from the olden Centuries. They were using as a method to check personal Identity. Fingerprint Security Systems are mainly used for Identification and Authentication. The Identification tells you who the individual is or not.

Finger Print Security System solves many issues such as Physical Access Control, Healthcare Biometrics, Fingerprint and Biometrics Locks, Biometric Sensors and Detectors, RFID Tags Kerala, RFID Readers, Road Barriers, RFID Smart Card, CCTV, Metal Detectors, LED Search Lights, Fire Alarm, Finger Print Movement Control, Physical Access Control, Optical Fingerprint Scanners, Optical Sensors, Card Locks, Card Access Control Systems, Fingerprint Technology, Digital Fingerprint, USB Fingerprint Reader and more.

Visiontux is a Supreme Access Control Device producing Company in Kerala providing wide quantity of Biometric Software Solutions and Fingerprint Security System in India especially for Kerala, for supplying efficient Fingerprint Security Systems and Devices for Industries, Offices, Criminal Department, Public Sector Department, Electronic Detection Systems and Smart Card Industry. While using with our Fingerprint Security Products and Accessories, You will feel The Future in the touch of Your Hand!

Contact Information: Padma Jn., M.G. Road, Cochin – 682 035
Ph: +91 484 – 4021911

Visiontux Innovations - Visiontux provides you a Unique launch of branded and Superior Biometric Fingerprint Security
2011-06-24 07:12:54