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Hieu Vu

DUI Attorney Orange County

Law Office of Hieu Vu is located in the Heart of Orange County. Mr. Vu has successfully handled over hundreds of Criminal/DUI cases of all types ranging from hit and run, evading police, to driving on a suspended license and underage DUI to heavy felony cases.

Mr. Vu knew from the get go that he wanted to do criminal defense and defend the constitution. His office was founded based on the idea of providing a radically different type of legal services. He made a habit of driving thru police checkpoint's in his first few years of practice to get a handle on how his client's would get railroaded and even made national news because of what he did. Mr. Vu then got certified in Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST, DUI Field Exercises) and underwent the same training as the police officers to improve his advocacy skills. He has used this insight as an "insider" to his client's advantage in countless trials. Mr. Vu now brings his own innovative and highly successful brand of defense in DUI cases and Criminal Cases.