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Jimmy Wamilele

We train and assist our clients on ETR operations and facilitate ETR registration at K.R.A offices as per the Tax-man regulations.

Our ETRs will not disappointment or fail you, you're assured of the highest standards at all times. Remember: Do not buy stolen/used or manipulated machines...CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE AND RISKY

  • We ensure that your request is expertly attended quickly; we reckon time is of essence.
  • Our ETR machines are tested & serviced before and after they are sold to our valued clients

We offer the following product;

  1. Portable Mercury 130W
  2. Portable Daisy expert 100 ETR
  3. Portable DP 50 Datecs etc

Mobile: 0722864708

Office lines: 0202043790/0202214219

AGIP HOUSE,Block B,2nd FloorRm 238, Next to K.R.A Times Tower

jimmy Wamilele - K.R.A APPROVED BRAND NEW ETR MACHINES 0722864708
2014-09-24 10:24:19