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WEZ Mashonaland

Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) – The Organisation

Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe is a membership based Registered Private Voluntary Organisation, founded in 1927. Membership consists of individuals and organisations that care for the future of Zimbabwe’s environment, its wildlife, and its people.


WEZ Goal:

To encourage and assist all people in Zimbabwe to understand the importance of our wildlife and the environment to the well being of current and future generations and to ensure that the utilisation of the natural resources is fair and sustainable.




To fulfil our mission, we have set ourselves certain objectives:

To promote environmental awareness and education throughout the country using the five EE centres, To help manage wildlife in protected National Parks and Game Parks, as well as in areas outside protected areas,

To carry out field activities such as snare sweeps, animal rescue, development of new natural reserves and protection of endangered species and their habitats,

To do research on the environment and wildlife,

To network with local, regional and international organisations that are involved in wildlife and environmental conservation, management and protection, and

To provide wildlife and environmental information through the ’Zimbabwe Wildlife’ magazine, newsletters and other publications.