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Euliver Dizon

I am proud to live in Los Angeles!

Although I would admit that I sleep in my car when I am too tired to drive home  :)  

I am among other things a...(not listed by priority)

web entrepreneur (i built ths website - and other websites) 

singer and song writer (amateur karaoke, i really love to sing Journey, Bon Jovi and love songs almost any genre)

Filipino immigrant / activist (lover of freedom and human rights in a peaceful passive way)

lover boy because i love nature ... the birds, bees, flowers and the trees. Clouds, stars, sky and ocean.

beach bum learning to surf and sing while in the pier Santa Monica, Hermosa, Imperial :)  (sing with me!)

driver for Uber and Lyft even Amazon Flex yes i love to drive around town

Okay, I am working to find some bugs in this website...uhmmm there are a lot since the internet continues to evolve.

My name is Euliver D. I live in the fabulously beautiful and diverse city of Los Angeles, CA USA. I am an online entrepreneur and have been since 2001...

I am so proud to become a Certified Travel Agent with Cruise Lines because I really want to cruise. So give me some love I really want to start booking people, couples, groups, companies, and seniors to their dream cruise vacation.

I cannot wait to be of service to all of you!

I am a Certified Travel Agent for the following Cruise Lines:

 *Carnival - Daring Adventurer

 *Princess Cruises - Commodore 

 *Cunard - Commordore

 *Norwegian Cruise Lines - Expert

 *Royal Caribbean - Expert

  **Holland America, Fathom, Viking River Cruises, Disney Cruises, Costa Cruises, MSC          cruises, and so much more!

Let us travel and become - Healthy, Happy, and Wealthy!

Euliver Dizon - You can check out for your travel services!
2017-01-27 21:57:36