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Artemis Magoula

Xtreme Spots


If you love the great outdoors, then Xtreme Spots adventure spots are the perfect place for you.Their common passion is to practice extreme sports in Xtreme Spots around the globe. They try to identify spots and present to our fellows interesting places in all five continents, where extreme sports can be practiced safely, both by amateurs and professionals.


Company Overview:


Xtreme Spots is a group of people, boys and girls, some of us are young in body, some others young in soul. Our common passion is to practice extreme sports in xtreme spots around the globe.


While globetrotters focus on experiencing different cultures and civilizations, our e-ticket contains a slightly different perspective in regard to our destination. Steep rocks, vast arenas, snow terrains, vertical drops, breathtaking waterfalls, deep waters, high cliffs, long tracks, big waves and endless trails make part of our sightseeing priorities. Even though museums, galleries, archaeological sites, restaurants and bars feed our mind and body, xtreme spots feed our adrenaline levels and challenge our limits to explore peculiar locations.


Contact Detail:


Xtreme spots

Patrician Chambers,

332 Agiou Andreou str,

3035 Limassol,


Phone Number: 00357 96243569, 00357 96244209

Email: [email protected]