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James Ferguson

Yankee Direct are authorized Yankee candle retailers and one of the best store of Yankee candles. They offer a wide range of candles and accessories at affordable rates and discounts Yankee candles too!

Company overview:

Yankee Direct is an authorized Yankee candle retailer and is part of "The Yankee Store" chain of Yankee candle dedicated stores located throughout the North of Ireland. As a group Yankee Direct is currently one of the largest Yankee candle retailers in UK. It is their aim to provide their customers with excellent customer service, amazing offers and an unbelievable shopping experience.

Yankee Direct offers a wide range of Yankee candle products in UK and their catalogue includes products like Jar Candles, Votive Candles, Yankee Tarts & Tart Burners, Holders and other candle accessories. They also offer discount Yankee candles at special offers and sales on selected products.


Contact Details:

Yankee Direct

40 Clifton Road,


BT20 5HY


Phone: 0845 680 5915

Email: [email protected]